December 18, 2015 12:17AM
12/18/2015, 03:25UTC, heard sporadic "E" propagation from OK, MO, and AR. The CB channels were jamming from there, then tuned to metal tunage on 27.095MHz AM, a double shot of Cinderella, then ID as Hair Nation (An internet stream channel.), then BOC, then few seconds of dead-air, then R&B, dead-air, country mx, then finally off at 03:40UTC. It wouldn't be so unusual to hear music jammed in the CB area, except that this was near broadcast quality audio and not the usual mono toned nasal CB audio. That, and this to be found between CB channels 11 and 12, usually used for those early 1980's pagers and R/C controls. Signals were from S1/2 - S9 peak. Interesting catch at least.
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Hair Nation relayed on 27.095MHz AM, a.k.a. CB CH 11A.

ThaDood 640 December 18, 2015 12:17AM

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