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Re: Mixers to use? Here's a good test.

November 24, 2015 06:40PM
You wrote a good post, Dood. Lots of info there for the budget-minded should they choose to use it. I know what you mean about the "snobs". I remember posting on the old FRN site's LPFM Board maybe 15 or so years ago. I also talked about using budget equipment including 80s/90s vintage Radio Shack mixers and got similar snide remarks from all the appliance operators. There seems to be a whole subset of boardsters that apparently sit around masturbating to spec sheets - but probably most wouldn't have a clue about setting up and peaking an audio chain with test equipment or wiring up pads, or impedance transformation, or, or, or... There's a lot of "outside the box" ways to set up a decent studio. Although I think it apt that the "knowledgeable" snobs often fritter their money away on expensive toys, it would be nice if they'd shut up so other prospective b'casters could benefit, rather than be subjected to the silly peer pressure. So high school...

BTW - I'm STILL using a 90s vintage Radio Shack SSM-1200 to mix with. I spend my big bux on the processing...

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Mixers to use? Here's a good test.

ThaDood 760 November 23, 2015 12:27PM

Re: Mixers to use? Here's a good test.

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Re: Mixers to use? Here's a good test.

ff 504 November 24, 2015 06:40PM

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