March 23, 2015 07:13PM
You might wanna start with a larger table! ;)

That makes sense if we use simple Algebra to find the surface area needed, LxW=A. So if the loop antenna, as we turn it a full 360 degrees, occupies a 2'x2' space we would say the only area needed is 4 sq ft. But we need to factor in a variable, the other "stuff" one also needs to place on that surface. Albert Einstein, who was an avid MW DX enthusiast, came up with a modified equation for this area which involves all the radio gear needed.

He said, the "total" area needed is equal to the area that the loop antenna occupies + the amount of "stuff" required to fill the remaining area, where "stuff" is represented by the symbol for infinity. Needless to say, that as large a table as we choose for the antenna, the "stuff" we need to complete our DX station will always expand to completely occupy the area requiring us to acquire ever larger tables. And this doesn't take into consideration that we quickly feel we should make an even bigger loop antenna for better reception causing our equation to change again :o

Simply put, a larger table doesn't solve our problem, it actually creates more problems but thanks for the suggestion!

BTW, I do believe that a radio buff on the Herculodge radio web site has come up with a corollary to Einstein's theorem which proves that no matter how large the table, it'll never be large enough! He states, "relying on the calculus of the # of radios you need = number you currently have + 1". Of course the answer is always represented by the symbol for infinity!
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Loop antennae, I need help choosing one.

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