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Re: frn.net

December 05, 2015 04:22AM
I'm surprised about a 'bubble' on three letter domains happening now, but there are trends on everything I guess. I remember short domains being a real big deal like 15 years ago, and different shenanigans were happening as people tried to pry and even steal them from their sites.

In that time, scores of other top level domains, like .info were created to ease the burden on desirable names, and at the same time web design people were saying words and phrases, even longer ones, were just as easy to remember as short words or letter combinations.

I've had to study this stuff since I have a few domains, and do get spams from people in Russia, etc. wanting to be my agent to renew my name for $500 and things like that. Some guy even offered me $500 for my .com because its former owner's Dog, Boomer the Rottweiler, had a page begging for money for acting school.

I guess the Rottweiler's old page was floating around somewhere and the guy saw it and made the offer through the e-mail address on it, which was the same obvious address I'd established when I got the domain. I got the equivalent of calls on a re-used phone number.

As for domains, I don't mess around with short registration periods if the domain's going to stay important and I know if will be needed for a long time. On one I got a year, then went back to the domain manager right after and saw I could renew for 8 more years so I did it.. :)

I like the Free Radio Network, it's the only pirate radio, shortwave, AM DXing site that I care to read.

One thing I'd like to see would be the actual web front end established again, there were some nice QSLs and articles on it, things that are better as static webpages than placed on a forum. I sent non-radio friends there so that they could learn about the kind of radio I liked.

The web side could also be a real home for the Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame, and without using outside sites or companies, a nod to independence, an idea which is at the core of free radio broadcasting and listening.

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