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November 30, 2015 09:43PM
There appears to be a "bubble" associated with three letter internet domain names in the .net and .com space. I am getting several spams a week now, either asking me if the domain frn.net is for sale, and if so, what price; or offering me money for the domain name.

Our domain is not for sale at this time. In fact, thanks to a few kind supporters we have the registration fees for the domain paid for a a little while longer. As your webmaster, I am donating web space for this site as a show of support for the free radio community, much as I've supported the commercial shortwave station WBCQ for over a dozen years now. I will always keep this place a non-commercial, free speech outlet focused on free radio.

You may notice that this site is actually tied to two internet domains. frn.net currently forwards to thefrn.net. I'm going to be switching this soon, so that frn.net is the primary address. Eventually we can save the annual domain administration fee for the extra domain and at some point release it back into the wild.

Thanks for your support,

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