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Stop Radio Pirates!

May 06, 2015 11:28AM
Decided to scan the FM band last week (rarely listen to it except for NPR stations) and found a new station on air, WOLD 107.9 (LPFM), Woodbridge, NJ using 16 watts. They've been there since December 2014. (There is also a WOLD FM in Virginia with 440 Watts)

At noon time they have "The Doo Wop Diner", great program if you like the 50's & 60's music and they even let listeners provide vinyl from their personal collections!

I decided to look closer at the station and found this on their web page.

"Oldies 107.9 is a broadcaster in good standing, following all FCC rules and regulations while serving our community. Unfortunately there are some who avoid proper oversight in their radio broadcasting. These illegal radio pirates infringe on the business of legitimate radio stations including Oldies 107.9

If an illegal radio broadcaster is preventing you from enjoying Oldies 107.9, click on the following link to report them to the FCC. It's a simple process that will cost you nothing and will protect Oldies 107.9 and other legal radio broadcasters."

"Report A Pirate Radio Broadcaster To The FCC"

I found this on radiodiscussions.com "Pirate is still on 107.9. I guess a new pirate popped up on 103.1"

I never have heard an FM pirate, I will be listening now! A radio station openly acknowledging a pirate station on their freq and asking the public to report it, interesting.

I added the freq to my car's radio. They don't play the same ole songs every other station plays and that's a welcome change.
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Stop Radio Pirates!

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