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Re: LPAM article

September 22, 2013 02:50AM
Interesting article, and I would think that the FCC would be tough on station applicants being non-profit and knowing where the transmitter site is going to be located. I wouldn't expect less than having things shipshape, so that all of the applications could be processed smoothly.

I would welcome an article on low power AM. LPFM is good, but not so viable in population centers where the FM band is full. I'm encouraged by how well Part-15 AM with 100 milliwatts can reach a small community when engineered well, so I'd think of something along those lines, with an antenna system that could fit in a typical city lot size, for flexible siting in the community.

People don't seem to want to use AM, and it is harder to do well, but I think that if you're there to reach your underserved community who needs your message, the band doesn't really matter. I also think that low power AM, if kept low enough, would be less likely to be poached by network operators and stay local, it will be a less attractive target.

When I think about it, maybe it all comes back around to using Part-15 AM for community service!

I wish that The D00d would post here, he has a lot of experience in this area.

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LPAM article

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Re: LPAM article

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