May 04, 2016 01:06PM
Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 2042-2106 UTC, Mount Airy, Maryland. Unseasonably warm weather, clear.

Stations logged: 54

Formats observed:

Sports talk: 10
Religious: 10
Spanish: 10
News/talk: 10
Classic hits: 4
Pop music: 2
Chinese/Indian/Asian: 3
Oldies: 2
Country music: 2
TIS: 2

570 WSPZ Bethesda MD, Sports talk
580 WHP Harrisburg PA, Talk, Harrisburg local politics
600 WCAO Baltimore MD, Gospel music, weak. Uncommon, first time this one's been heard here in a couple of years. Despite their 5KW signal my location is in a null as their signal is beamed south and east of Baltimore.
630 WMAL Washington DC, Right wing talk
700 WDMV Walkersville MD, Spanish talk
730 WTNT Alexandria VA, Spicy spanish music
750 WBMD Baltimore MD, Family Radio, preaching
780 WAVA Arlington VA, Religious talk
800 WCHA Chambersburg PA, Classic hits, Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar" ID "The greatest hits ever made, the new FM ninety six three"
820 WFMD Frederick MD, Pop music "The Gamut"
860 WFSI Baltimore MD, Family Radio, church music
890 WFKJ Cashtown PA, Religous radio play "Unshackled"
900 WILC Laurel MD, Spicy disco spanish music
920 WURA Quantico VA, Mellow spanish music
930 WFMD Fredrick MD, News/talk, ID "930 WFMD"
950 WCTN Potomac MD, Eighties pop/dance music, lo-fi sound. On April 27 their music mix was replaced by a buzz. The buzz continued for several days. On May 2, the buzz is gone, now simply an open carrier.
960 WHYL Carlisle PA, "Good time oldies" News/talk, traffic for the I-81 Carlisle/capital region, weak
980 WTEM Washington DC, Sports talk
990 WLLI Somerset PA, Sports talk. Rarely heard here. splattered by 980
1000 WIOO Carlisle PA, Country music, Commercial for a family diner in Carlisle that has banana splits, burgers, fries, hot dogs, spaghetti, etc.
1030 WWGB Indian Head MD, MOR spanish music
1050 WBQH Silver Spring MD, Spanish music
1070 Montgomery County Maryland traffic advisory, very buzzy sound, mostly unintelligible
1090 WBAL Baltimore, Baltimore city news, into CNBC business radio update
1120 WUST Washington DC, Spanish talk
1160 WMET Gaithersburg MD, Commercials for catholic men's conferences, Ave Maria Radio, sign up for daily alerts, etc.
1190 WCRW Leesburg VA, Chinese government propaganda
1220 WFAX Falls Church VA, Normally religious talk, but right wing political talk heard today
1240 WJEJ Hagerstown MD, Oldies music, bluesy cover of "Fever"
1260 WWRC Washington DC, Right wing talk, commercial for "debt control" abruptly cut at end. ID "The Answer." The abrupt cuts happen frequently on this station, maybe their automation system is a little too quick for its own good. Awful selection of pretentious "evangelical" right wingers on this station owned by Salem Communications.
1280 WHVR Hanover PA, Country music
1300 WJZ Baltimore MD, Sports talk, Commercial, "Hi I'm Joan Lunden...a place for mom"
1310 WDCT Fairfax VA, Chinese or korean language commercial mentioning Columbia College, ID in English, "You have your dial set at WDCT Fairfax Virginia" and back into asian language talk, poor signal, bothered
1320 WGET Gettysburg PA, Sports talk. "News" at top of the hour, but only sports-related stories. ESPN Radio.
1340 WYCB Washington DC, News, Fox Report, commercial for Quicken Loans. Gospel music "Spirit 1340"
1350 WOYK York PA, Sports talk.
1370 WQLL Pikesville MD, Classic hits, Stevie Wonder "Sir Duke"
1380 WCBG Waynesboro PA, Sports talk, host on a rant about internet comments, misogyny, tapes with lots of bleeps
1390 WZHF Capitol Heights MD, Spanish music
1400 WINC Winchester VA, Right wing talk, "Information overload hour"
1410 WHAG Halfway MD, Classic hits, Chicago "Feeling Stronger Every Day"
1420 WKCW Warrenton VA, Religious talk, "one god ministry dot org". This station is very irregular; is frequently off the air or on very low power for days at a time. Lately, has been religious programming in the mid-day hours and classic hits in the mornings. The station appears to have no sales staff at all because I haven't heard a single commercial in two years.
1430 WVAM Altoona PA, ESPN Radio, very weak. First time heard here.
1450 WTHU Thurmont MD, Talk, Frederick County, Maryland politics
1470 WTTR Westminster MD, Classic hits, Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama", ID "The greatest hits of all time"
1490 WARK Hagerstown MD, Right wing talk, Hannity
1500 WFED Washington DC, Talk, "the federal drive", ID "Federal News Radio". This is the most boring station I've ever tried to listen to.
1520 WTRI Brunswick MD, Indian pop music, ID at top of the hour "WTRI Brunswick" over top of "Radio Chai" (sounds like "radio zhee" to me) ID that IDs several stations but not WTRI. This station had been off the air for at least two years, and was reportedly in receivership as of May 2014. Apparently the station has a new lease on life, having been acquired for $275K in August 2015. Station went back on only in the last month or so.
1540 WACA Wheaton MD, Spanish talk, commercials
1550 WMRE Charles Town WV, Sports talk
1580 WJFK Morningside MD, Sports talk, at least three PSAs in a row, ID "ESPN Radio"
1590 WHGT Maugansville, MD, Religious preaching
1600 WLXE Rockville MD, Spanish talk. This station's antenna is reportedly a wire on a telephone pole in a parking lot in Rockville. Despite this they have a very good regional signal for their 1 kilowatt daytime service.
1630 WAVY570 Computer female loop, ID "Maryland Highway Administration Highway Advisory Radio WAVY570" weak, fluttery

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