February 21, 2015 12:35AM
Harold Camping's afterbirth still missing at 04:30!

1560 KBEW Blue Earth MN; 1410, 19-Feb; Albert Lea pet shop ad; area
birthdays, "KBEW", sung Happy Birthday. One in the mix.
1560 KBEW Blue Earth MN; 1350-1358, 20-Feb; MN news, -41 in N MN!,
call ID, local church calendar. In/out w/UNID rlgs stn.
1560 KGOW Bellaire TX; 2350-2415+, 18/19-Feb; Up suddenly @2350;
"Yahoo Sports Radio 15-60" +++ 0016, 20-Feb; Into an ad
well on top & abruptly disappeared--power drop or pattern
change? Many YSR1560 non-IDs & always in/out w/WKDO.
+++ 2346-2349+, 20-Feb; U of Houston bkb spot, Houston area
tfc @H:48; Houston BBQ place ad; Prime Cut on Yahoo Sports
15-60. That's the most local stuff I've hrd throughout the
WQEW-less period; still no call ID heard, Mixing w/WKDO.
1560 KLNG Council Bluffs IA: 0022-0030+, 19-Feb; Up suddenly w/Back
to the Bible", "Jesus is coming back and is he PO'd". BoH
ID as "KLNG Council Bluffs-Omaha".
1560 WBYS Canton IL; 0251, 18-Feb; "AM 15-60 WBYS is now available on
93.7 FM" into not-too-oldies. IL #59. One in the WQEW-less
mix. +++ 2317, 18-Feb "The Voice of Fulton County WBYS"
+++ 0214--220+, 21-Feb; Canton HS bkb gm; "The Voice
of Fulton county WBYS 15-60 AM". Peaking in the mix.
1560 WFSP Kingwood WV; 0402-0425+, 21-Feb' Out of Fox News, "107.7
The Oldies Channel" into oldies; lcl wx @H:20; "You've got
the memories, we've got the music", "Good times & great
music 107.7". Peaking in the mix.
1560 WKDO Liberty KY; 0100, 18-Feb; Rlgs pgms before & after ToH ID
"AM 15-60 WKDO Liberty". In/out w/oldies & bkb game call
stations. KY #30. Tnx to tip from Niel Wolfish that WQEW was
off. +++ 2250-2400+, 18/19-Feb; "AM 15-60 the Vault",
"All the greatest hits right here, WKDO Liberty"; frequent
call IDs. Bless them! +++ 0016-0051+, 20-Feb; "Music for
adults that never grow up, AM 15-60 WKDO", "Your ticket to
paradise, live from within the Vault". Mainly on top after
KGOW disappeared. WKDO was the most persistent during the
WQEW-less period.
1560 WNWN Portage MI; 2200, 19-Feb; Brief ToH ID into AdCon tunes.
Mixing w/WKDO.
1560 YVLZ Merida, Venezuela; 0224-0235, 18-Feb; "...emisora...
Venezuela...La Voz Informativa" & low key SS vocals.
YV #20. Call/QTH per WRTVH (only 1560 listed) WQEW off.
1560 UNID, 0637, 19-Feb; Opera popped up briefly! No clue as to this
one. I've heard just about every format there is during the
WQEW-less period.
1560 UNID, 1401-1405+, 20-Feb; weirdness up, like stuck music, great
jammer sig. 1560 pretyty well turns to mush soon after this

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