March 09, 2016 10:11PM
Thursday, March 10, 2016, 0200, 5130 am. Brother Smear talking about moving ahead in "timelight" (a reference to the upcoming daylight savings time event) and watching that "illusion of the election fiasco." Signal is centered right about 5129.83 on the R-75, s9, good audio. Pretty good signal, too bad it's doom and gloom programming tonight.

Timtron told me earlier this afternoon that he'd spent some time fine tuning the 5130 transmitter, and now has a screen modulated crystal controlled oscillator acting as an exciter. The 5130 exciter is more or less the same unit that Tim used at the SWL Winterfest c. 2006 on 6950 and 650 AM.
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WBCQ 5130 AM 0200 10 March 2016

cosmikdebris 750 March 09, 2016 10:11PM

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