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Heard at the 'fest

March 12, 2017 01:29AM
(I know, a week late but I've been kinda busy...)

First 'fest in six years so it was a great pleasure to hear the local relays of Fine Pirate Programming there.

Was just a tad impaired while there (fatigue and good beer) so the logs are far from perfect, main activity was on FM rather than SW - how times change.

Like a complete prat I forgot to log the damned date mostly, did get times and freqs. Only decent logging below -

3/4/17 - 87.9 FM - United Patriot Radio ID @ 2355, Voice of Juliet @2358 with "Hasta la vista, baby!" and into the ride of Pancho Villa at 0000 - Pancho was having trouble with Hillary and the threat of deportation.

87.9, 91.3 and 94.7 were active across the fest, mention was heard of Cosmik Debris, a discussion of fine booze made with Habanero peppers as part of the recipe, the station running this had stereo popping in and out and also power output problems.

The Lumpy Gravy Show was heard, with an ID at 2152. A Blue Ribbon Beer song followed by the Slob (Slohb?) Show.

WBCQ were heard, at about 2156 mention was made of "Brad's Mike" followed by Radio Free Euphoria and a rap song. Frequency stability problems on this transmission.

Man, as logs go those are pathetic. Proof that just every now and then beer and radio don't mix. But I really did need those beers, all eight or nine of them. Or ten. Still, nobody else seems to have reported anything so I figured I'd add my ten cent's worth.

Anyway, thanks to all who put on the stations for us at the 'fest!

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Heard at the 'fest

Lee 434 March 12, 2017 01:29AM

Re: Heard at the 'fest

JoeFLIPS 351 March 12, 2017 01:44AM

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