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Re: Boomer - Radio Animal

November 07, 2013 11:10PM
I didn't want to seem sarcastic with my post, if I did seem that way, I was hoping that someone would take the bait and not know it was me, and do a 'me too!' or 'I feel your pain' post.. :)

I've been showing people my Dog side a lot, and it's true, I haven't had time for serious radio, but I hope to connect being a Dog with radio in some way if I have the opportunity. Underground radio has been an expression of my Canine side for many years, and it's a way that I took my first steps out into public, as a Dog DJ, on the air where it's safe, and people can just think it's a larger than life radio personality, which some listeners did.

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Boomer - Radio Animal

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Re: Boomer - Radio Animal

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Re: Boomer - Radio Animal

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