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Re: More on the FCC field office closures

March 15, 2015 02:10PM
It is indeed very conceivable to remotely run all FCC monitoring stations unmanned from just one central location. Consider the following, how many of you have SDR's where you can record whole spectrums of FREQ bands on TB hard drives, then later you can analyze that later to see if you've caught a pirate, numbers station, etc.? And, for you HAM's out there, how many of you can remotely, via web access, be across the world and link to a net linked HF rig to tune, switch antennas, turn antennas, change RX/TX modes, and do remote QSO's? Now, if we can do this at our consumer level, what do you think can be done when a gov throws millions of $$$$$ at this? And not just stationary stations, today a van, or a plane, can be mobile with SDR gear, computers, and switchable antennas. All you need a person for (Now, at least.) is to pilot and drive through the locations that you want to analyze. Take par example. Later, the data is analyzed where driving by a 123st Street at this time a station was picked up on 89.9FM that's not licensed for this city. When was it 1st RX'ed, when and where was the signal strongest, and does the field strengths go beyond the Part #15 FCC rules? We have the technology to do this at our level, what would a group with an unlimited tax dollar budget be able to do with all this today? Consider that!
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More on the FCC field office closures

BramStoker 680 March 13, 2015 10:03PM

Re: More on the FCC field office closures

ThaDood 428 March 15, 2015 02:10PM

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