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Re: Greetings!!

March 12, 2015 10:23AM
Howdy PJ! As Boomer says - welcome!

I certainly agree with you about no WREC in the HOF. Radio Free East Coast should be there - not only for your shows - but because you certainly did more relaying of other people than ANYONE! A lot of studio-only players owe you for enabling them to even be called radio pirates. How many years was WREC at the top of Andy Yoder's activity list? Several, I'm sure. Radio Garbanzo even saluted you in 1998 upon your retirement with a special show (#15) and a special QSL sheet to commemorate that weekend's broadcasts. But alas PJ, people forget too quickly it seems. Let's hope this is rectified someday. Anyway, glad to see you posting here old friend!
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Re: Greetings!!

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