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GE Super Radio III sale? Well, maybe not now. Ooops...

September 08, 2016 06:59AM
Found this on Radio Survivior, [www.radiosurvivor.com]

The radio offer is not valid due to age of article, (Thank you Paul for pointing that out to me.), but still a neat read.
The one that I bought off of JTA about 20 years ago I've modified the FM with the 110KHz Toko IF filter. And somewhere, if I can find the damn directions, is the tune-up procedure for these radios. Being that it's varactor diode tuning, throw out the window your conventional means of tune and tweak. I've found that out the hard way. Still, this is the classic must-have portable to have in the AM / FM DX'ing hobby. Oh yeah, if I find those tune-up procedures I'll post them here. However, if someone can beat me to the punch on that, it would be appreciated. (Yep! My next post!)

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GE Super Radio III sale? Well, maybe not now. Ooops...

ThaDood 750 September 08, 2016 06:59AM

Re: GE Super Radio III sale? Eh, maybe not. But a tune-up!

ThaDood 407 September 19, 2016 07:18PM

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