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Sonos Processing now Freeware

October 18, 2014 07:45AM
Sonos software audio processing.

I've been interested in software audio processing in radio for a number of years, after reading about it in places like Radio World magazine as the techniques were being developed and refined. I've known something about analog processing, and how hard it can be to get a tight and clean sound, but this new fangled digital stuff promised great peak control and better sound than analog, and some reviewers were breathless at the possibilities.

Sometime in the early 2000s I found a simple free processor program called Sonos Limit. Compressor-limiter programs I'd tried were good, but Sonos was specifically made as a radio processing chain, with AGC, compressor, limiter, pre-emphasis, and clipper, especially with good presets, like the ones from Vwestlife. I think it's still a very competent processor for your small station if you're not trying to win loudness wars. I've used it a number of times to make old PCs into processors, even old P3 computers, using just the sound card in and out.

Vwestlife's video on Sonos Limit setup:


Sonos Limit program package download if you want to try it:


John Burnill wrote Sonos, and he's been improving on it over the years, and how he's up to Sonos 4, an intense modern processor with many features. Normally it's a paid program, but occasionally John puts it out for free as he works on the next latest and greatest version, now it's free again!


I tried version 6 Freeware, and found that it uses less processor power than the last free version several years ago, and refines some of the settings. If you're brand new to software processing I'd suggest something simpler like Limit first, just because there's less stuff to adjust. I'm into this software, so if you have questions feel free to ask.

If you guys use software processing on your shows/stations, what programs are you using?

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Sonos Processing now Freeware

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