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Re: Longwave logs

April 16, 2015 11:41PM
I've always thought that longwave was cool, never heard much of it, just on my neighbor's radio long ago, a portable with LW analog tuner in it, and I heard some CW code on it.

A LW pirate sounds like a good idea for someone with the tech to try. I think that longwave would have made a good band for carrier current use in the early days of radio. In the early 1920s, anyone with a transmitter could go on the air. Many did and broadcasters were looking for an overseer for direction, and got the FRC, the predecessor to the FCC.

It would have been useful if the people who wanted to continue without a license could have done so as carrier current operators, such as in small towns, with signals sent into the power grid, or through special 'radio wires' strung along the poles wherever they wanted the signal to go.

It would have established the long wave band as something to make radio sets for, mediumwave with a longwave tuner too. This is something I've thought about for a while, and the signals would have practically no distance potential, and so wouldn't interfere with navigation signals later. Mediumwave carrier current could have also been allowed at the time, but at lower field strength at a distance, like now. Longwave could run higher signal levels at a specified distance away from the line.

My thought exercise for the day.. :)

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