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Central Maryland daytime AM logs, 6/1/2014

June 01, 2014 08:17PM
Medium wave scan, Mount Airy, MD, Sunday June 1, 2014
PL-600 and long wire.

Stations logged: 61
Off the air: 1
Unid: 3

Sports 13
News/talk 11
Religious 9
Oldies 9
Spanish 7
Ethnic 3
Country 3
Government/TIS 2
Other Music 1

570 WSPZ Bethesda MD. Sports Talk.

580 WHP Harrisburg PA. Movie News, Fox news radio, Rush "WHP News Radio 580" comemrcial.

630 WMAL Washington DC. Rush doing a commercial.

680 WCBM Baltimore MD. "Talk Radio 680 WCBM" at 1907 and into Rush.

700 WDMV Walkersville MD. Spanish talk.

730 WTNT Alexandria VA. Spanish music.

750 WBMD Baltimore MD. Family Radio//860.

780 WAVA Arlington VA. Rlg political talk.

800 WCHA Chambersburg PA. 70s music, "He don't love you like I love you"

820 WWFD Frederick MD. Nationals baseball. After baseball, music "The Gamut"

860 WFSI Baltimore MD. Family Radio//750.

890 WFKJ Cashtown PA. rlg politcal talk about home schooling, followed by pseudoscience discussion. Unshackled radio show at 1826.

900 WILC Laurel MD. Mx and talk in unid central asian language at 1826. Appears this station is brokered multicultural on weekends, is Glenn Beck/Dennis Miller style talk weekdays.

920 WURA Quantico VA. Spanish mx.

930 WFMD Frederick MD. Call-in show with people asking about tree problems and man telling them to use fungicides at 1826. Rush Limbag started after 1900.

950 WCTN Potomac MD. Asian music, characteristic phone patch sound.

980 WTEM Washington DC. Baseball.

990 Unid Sports talk, splattered by 980.

1000 WIOO Carlisle PA. Car racing at 1830. Classic country format.

1030 WWGB Indian Head MD. Spanish talk and mx.

1050 WBQH Silver Spring MD. Spanish ball game, music.

1070 WPDD Montgomery County Maryland loop, "when conditions change, this station is updated," very poor scratchy audio. A couple of stations in the mix, slight echo. They operate more than one transmitters on 1070. I suspect this is the Damascus MD one. It has always sounded awful in the 10+ years I've lived here.

1090 WBAL Baltimore MD. Orioles baseball.

1120 WUST Washington DC. Unid latin language.

1150 Unid very faint talk, splattered by 1160.

1160 WMET Gaithersburg MD. Cathy Licks.

1190 WCRW Leesburg VA (China Radio International) At 1830, two women comparing tipping over a car to tipping over a cow. Music at 1923, "There is nothing to lose, listen to the shuttle."

1220 WFAX Fairfax VA. Preacher.

1230 WRBS Baltimore MD. Preacher.

1240 WJEJ Hagerstown MD. 60s music.

1260 WWRC Lots of commercials, into "The World and Everything It" with a bio of G. K. Chesterton.

1270 WCBC Cumberland MD. Financial talk. ID at 1843.

1280 WHVR Hanover PA. Orioles baseball. Classic country music after ball game.

1300 WJZ Baltimore MD. Sports talk.

1310 Unid. Choral music, poor copy.

1320 WGET Gettysburg PA. Orioles baseball.

1330 WRAA Luray VA. "Down, down, down in a burning ring of FAR" at 1330.

1340 WEPM Martinsburg WV. Orioles baseball, gospel preacher underneath (WYCB Washingotn DC?)

1350 WOYK York PA. NBC Sports Radio, into Brian Weber sports show at 2102.

1360 WHBG Harrisonburg VA. ESPN Radio, ID "1360 WHBG" at 1915. Comemrcial for a Harrisonburg car dealer.

1370 WQLL Pikesville MD. 60s pop, "Little Willie won't go home."

1380 WCBG Waynesboro PA. ESPN.

1400 WINC Winchester VA. Commercial for Civil War stuff, PSA for Big Brothers, ID "News Talk 1400 WINC" at 1849.

1410 WHAG Halfway MD. 60s music, "Key Largo, Montego..."

1420 WKCW Warrenton VA. 60s music, "Hey There Georgie Girl."

1430 WNAV Annapolis MD. Orioles baseball. Another station playing dance music underneath.

1450 WOL Washington DC. Sports talk.

1460 WKDV Manassas VA. Spanish talk.

1470 WTTR Westminster MD. Orioles baseball. Another station playing music underneath.

1490 WARK Hagerstown MD. Orioles baseball.

1500 WFED Washington DC. Nationals baseball.

1520 WTRI Brunswick MD. Off the air. I hear that this station is bankrupt.

1530 WCTR Chestertown MD. 1 KW. Orioles baseball. This station's been coming in pretty good lately. Not heard much at all until the much closer WTRI went off.

1540 WACA Wheaton MD. Sports talk.

1550 WMRE Charles Town WV. ID "Sports Talk 1550 WMRE Charles Town" at 1900.

1570 WNST Towson MD. Sports Talk.

1580 WJFK Morningside MD. "ESPN Sports Radio 1580."

1590 WHGT Maugansville MD. Rlg.

1590 WFBR Glen Burnie MD. ID heard underneath WHGT.

1600 WLXS Rockville MD. Spanish music.

1630 Multiple Maryland State Highway Administration stations heard here, one with robot male announcer, the other with robot female. Female gave ID "WAVY 510" at 1905.

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Central Maryland daytime AM logs, 6/1/2014

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