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Radio Kuwait 4/12 log

April 12, 2017 02:56PM
KUWAIT: 15540 Radio Kuwait; *1800-1850+, 12-Apr; S/on w/pips/tone,
“This is Radio Kuwait” & anthem, then “This is Radio Kuwait…trans-
mitting on 950 kHz medium-wave…& the 25 meter band shortwave.”
1801 into EE feature on the history of Islam, ending with “This was
a Radio Kuwait production”. 1814 EE pop tunes. 1820+ mobile phone/
driving PSA; pop music continued. 1830 pips/tone & brief anthem;
“This is Radio Kuwait, the time is ? Kuwait local time”, into EE
news; Kuwait news to 1836, then world news; 1841 business news,
sports & weather, 44 deg. tomorrow (111 deg.F); 1842:33 fanfare
to M&W in EE w/extensive ID & sked; send reception reports to
KWTFREQ@hotmail.com. 1845 sig dropped way down suddenly; eventually
came back to SIO=353 peaks, but with complete dropouts; seems to
be an EE historical feature mentioning various 20th century dates.
SIO=353, QRN not helping. OC off @1808:45 & back up @1809:23 with
much better sig, SIO=454. Some audio outdrops before & after sig
improvement, mainly before. 1759:38 OC up; prior to s/on there was
pulsing on the freq +/- 10 kHz, steady till 1741:49, then up again
with variable rate from 1755:35; pulsing not hrd after RK s/on.

---Log sent to RK at the above addy.

E-mail bounced--pretty sure that was what they gave. E-dress is not on
their web page. Anybody log something different?

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Radio Kuwait 4/12 log

BramStoker 478 April 12, 2017 02:56PM

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