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Global 24

November 29, 2014 06:57PM
Someone really needs to get their act together at the xmtr site. The cue tones aren't doing their job. I was just listening to Radio Blues Int'l when it was interrupted by a station promo, which was interrupted by an ad, which was interrupted by classical music!

And how many times are folks going to listen to The 1812 Overture segue into Neil (one note) Young's "Horse with no Name"? At least they need a larger music library.

You would think thay'd have gotten the "bugs" out of the system before going on the air...

Sunday morning update: Beginning at 1300UTC a program "The Holy Quran and its' Meaning". I thought they weren't going to do any religious programming? While it's nice to hear something to counter the extreme x-tian crap on most domestic US stations, it certainly sounds like a religious program to me!

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Global 24

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