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Re: WBNY 6913

April 20, 2014 07:12PM
WBNY, good in local noise from the power lines. Modulation was strong, seems like they're using some kind of limiter to boost it. Radio: 24 year Realistic DX-440 on batteries in back yard with dipole 5 feet high at the ape-x, placed just to hear the show, dipole center touching rod antenna and ground wire to chassis.

WBNY IDs repeated, Monkey Boys, Easter show live, song Pumpin' That Gas, address PO Box 1, Belfast NY. Song I Am Sick Of Real People. Call-ins from money boys, one had the legs on grandma's walker cut too short. Sounded like a PBS sponsorship from Crapsman tools made out of cheap plastic and cardboard. Commander Bunny as a dentist recommending Listerstring ? mouthwash with floss inside. News promo, Gene Autry with Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Live from the Green Door Blues Bar in Lansing Michigan. Tacky Bell sponsorship. WBNY Id and out.

Here's a recording in 48k,


Very good to hear this, I've been hearing the station since early when I got into shortwave radio.

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WBNY 6913

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Re: WBNY 6913

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Re: WBNY 6913

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