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Weekend Logs

March 04, 2018 04:30PM
Waaaaaaaaay too many non-IDers:

MOTHER’S MILK RADIO: 6925.4/AM, 2159-2210+, 3/2; Rock music &
SSTVs. ID per Ken Zichi, none heard. SIO=2+33 w/LSB pesky &
buzz burst QRM

RADIO MUSEUM STATION: 6770.04/AM, 2337-2342+, 3/2; Big band
music into what sounded like Jack Benny Show. Poor

STRETCHY RADIO: 6925.1/AM, 2303-2309:52*, 3/2; Classic rock w/
repeated IDs at close. SIO=2+33 w/LSB pesky + buzz burst QRM

6935/U, 2159-2216:32*, 3/3; Bag pipes into I Want a New Drug;
“This is the Voice of Pancho Villa coming to you from
where I am.” Mentioned Austin TX maildrop; farting &
belching; greetings to the folks at SWL Fest; more rock
& off w/“Adios amigos” closing w/Doors tune. SIO+3+43+
w/tinny audio & LSB pesky QRM
6935/U, 2307-2312+, 3/3; repeat pgm. SIO=3+54-
6935/U, 0121-0126+, 3/4; repeat pgm. SIO=253-
6935/U, 0142, 3/4; repeat pgm; now weak

6934.9/AM, 0148, 3/3; Weak thumper music (Frodge-DXP)
6935/U, 0347-0350:30*, 3/3; Pop/rock music & off w/o ID
6925.4/AM, 1335-1342:06*, 3/3; Blue grass & gospel toe-tappers
into Dueling Banjos & audio from Deliverance; off w/o ID. SIO=353
6925.4/AM; 1443-1453:06*, 3/3; Classic tune Money into bit
about married couple having sex or not; closed w/SSTV
& no voice ID. SIO=2+43 w/buzz burst QRM
6925.0/U, 1954-1956:38*, 3/3; Rap followed by repeated, “You
are a colossal ass hat.” No ID. SIO=1+53
6930/AM, 2112-2132:56*, 3/3; classic rock tunes & off w/o ID.
SIO=2+33 fady w/LSB pesky & buzz burst QRM
6925/U, 0034*, 3/4; just caught one going off
6930/U, 0142-0152+, 3/4; Punk rock & Irish? music. SIO=353 peaks, fady
6925.8/AM, 1309-1324:35*, 3/4; George Carlin bit on dogs; FCC
bit them drill sgt. segments from Full Metal Jacket;
off w/VoA YDD s/off. No ID heard. SIO=343- w/buzz burst QRM
6935/U, 1325-1342:50*, 3/4; Pop music w/cmtry by the singer;
off w/o ID. SIO=2+54
6925.8/AM, 1344-1353:18*, 3/4; George Carlin bit about God &
the Bible; off w/VoA YDD s/off. No ID heard. SIO=2+43-
w/buzz burst QRM

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Weekend Logs

BramStoker 153 March 04, 2018 04:30PM

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