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Weekend Logs

November 12, 2017 02:03PM
Captain Morgan SW:
6950.14/AM, 0256-0302+, 11/12; Jazzy blues tunes; ID @0259.
SIO=252+, fady
6950.14/AM, 1345-1413+, 11/12; Jazzy blues tunes, including one
with the lyrics; “I was chewin’ on your bubblegum”,
“Another man was eatin’ my chocolate cake” & “You’ll be
lookin’ for your candy man” (What could it possibly mean?!)
ID @1354+. SIO=343, fady w/near complete dropouts; brief
pulse burst QRM

Clever Name Radio: 2245-2303:55*, 11/11; Pop music; WBCN? DJ
took phone call into Funk Soul Brother (a very repetitive
lyriced tune), then Bad to the BBBBBBBBBone. Off w/roboW ID.

Old Radio Program Station: 6770.05/AM, 2212, 11/10; Occ’l peak;
can just tell it’s a comedy pgm w/woman lead

Wolverine Radio: 6945/U, 0141-0152+, 11/12; Songs w/“Goodbye”
lyric/title. ID w/reverb & SSTV @0152 (my signal to tune out).

6955/U, 0105-0131:08*, 11/12; Rock tunes & many SSTVs; off w/o
vox ID. SIO=1+43- fady (Frodge-DXP)
6950/U, 0132-0140:48*, 11/12; Headbanger music & off abruptly.
SIO=253-, fady
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Weekend Logs

BramStoker 128 November 12, 2017 02:03PM

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