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unID - 6925AM, 09/25, 1520+

September 25, 2017 11:42AM
Sounds like our Mystery Music Station again; very good AM signal into WNY. Finished some errands and turned on the Pro3 to hear a YL singing "Time After Time", then AC/DC "Back In Black", "We Belong Together", "Here I Go Again" and currently (1540Z) "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". No IDs or other anmts so far. Some QSB noted; signal S4 to S9. No QRM or QRN noted.

Got into an oldies streak, then somewhere around 1715 or 1720 they started a National Lampoon Radio Hour program. Signal is deteriorating as of 1733Z.

Abruptly off around 1745Z.

Back on at 1800 with a Dr Pepper ad-u-mentary. Back to a signal strength. End and off 1824Z.

Back 1833Z with the classic WWV parody, then off again.

Life should be enjoyed, not endured.

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unID - 6925AM, 09/25, 1520+

jtart 173 September 25, 2017 11:42AM

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