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Radio Free Whatever 6960 USB 0107 UTC 5/27/17

May 26, 2017 09:13PM
0107- DJ DW talking then RFW ID  S8-9 and usual great audio
0108- mentioned putting up a new antenna called "The Big Dick"
0109- song by Shelf Life  signal down to S5-6
0115- "Lvsk" Nomadic Firs per Shazam  signal up to S7-8 now
0118- RFW ID and rundown of songs played
0119- DW mentioned Memorial Day Weekend and a salute to our troops
0121- RFW ID into "Hanging From The Ceiling" The Velveteens
0127- "Hold On" PAPA per Shazam  S9-9+ signal now
0130- RFW jingle ID into "Dead Legs" Active Bird Community per Shazam
0133- "Overbored" Babygirl per Shazam
0138- DW talking about his dandruff problem
0147- "I'll Be Around" The Growlers per Shazam
0151- Assistant Stavin saying hello and that he is making dinner tonight
0154- DW with shout outs to HFU listeners
0156- getting strong peskie QRM now
0203- RFW jingle ID and "shortwave's rock station" into "Holy Water" Mr Gabriel per Shazam  S7-8 signal now
0209- "Bad Seed" Life Of Agony per Shazam
0217- RFW ID into "Bound To Lose" Electric Guest
0222- RFW jingle ID into "Crazy Eyes" Brother Moses per Shazam  signal back up to S9-9+
0226- "Waiting Around For Grace" Pond per Shazam
0236- gave dickweeddj@gmail.com for reports
0237- now playing a radio program called "The Dead Air Requiem"
0245- RFW ID
0246- YL reading numbers over spacey music

Joe Filipkowski JR
Warwick, Rhode Island

Grundig 750/ICOM IC7200/Kenwood TS450/RTLSDR/SDRPlay1&2 w/SDRuno/Studio One/Yaesu FTDX3000/Tecsun PL880
Dipole antenna up 35 feet into MFJ 1020C active antenna/MFJ Versa Tuner 2
Slinky antenna up 20 feet
40m dipole/160-6m Carolina Windom antenna up 40 feet
135 foot All Band dipole antenna up 45 feet

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Radio Free Whatever 6960 USB 0107 UTC 5/27/17

JoeFLIPS 220 May 26, 2017 09:13PM

Re: Radio Free Whatever 6960 USB 01:59 - 02:17 UTC 5/27/17

ThaDood 160 May 27, 2017 09:03AM

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