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Re: UnderCover Radio - Dr. Benway 6940AM

October 13, 2013 12:12PM
My first time really hearing this station, signals were excellent in Pittsburgh PA, blowing away all of the local noise! I guess the band has opened up now, selective fading was moderate to high.

I tuned in to talk of the Doctor seeing a white van and putting the transmitter away, and using a 1 kw mobile unit.

Very interesting retrospective on Dr. Benway's history with radio, and how much a broadcasting studio has changed, from needing lots of analog equipment like turntables, tape decks, mixers and outboard compressors, to now where the studio can be reduced to just a microphone and a PC, with editing software having dozens of effects, everything you would need to do a radio show. I can relate, I've gone through it too.

Freedom on the airwaves and why pirate radio is the only way to go, and how the Doctor would not accept a license, because only by being a pirate can he have total creative freedom on his broadcasts. Commercial radio is never free.

Mentioned Hope Radio, Radio Wolf International with Radio Animal! Ended with the song 'Stand'. Signed off with live voice for one minute, the Doctor saying he was hearing hearing from listeners who don't often write in, and thanks.

Here's a mp3 recording, it's pretty clean, this is how I received it. There are pops and signal drops, that's because I had to hold two connectors together to get the signal into the radio. I'm using a dipole at 15 feet and DX-440 receiver.


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UnderCover Radio - Dr. Benway 6940AM

Pat Murphy 700 October 13, 2013 11:08AM

Re: UnderCover Radio - Dr. Benway 6940AM

Radio Animal 412 October 13, 2013 12:12PM

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