July 30, 2013 05:48PM

"OTTAWA, Ontario — Unlicensed “pirate” radio stations are thriving in the Internet age, despite the fact that most people can now operate their own Web-based radio stations without risking arrest.

“A vibrant pirate radio scene continues in the United States, and also in Europe and to a lesser extent in South America,” said George Zeller, a pirate radio listener/journalist for the past four decades.

“This includes a very energetic pirate radio scene on shortwave, and also a stunningly resilient pirate radio scene on FM and to a lesser extent on medium wave, despite the frequent busts by the FCC of FM pirates.”

“There is most certainly a place for ‘pirate’ radio today — although I would debate the word pirate,” said Gerry Jackson. She is the founder and station manager of SW Radio Africa, a pro-democracy station broadcasting into Zimbabwe from an out-of-country transmitter. “We are a normal radio station, producing news and information to help inform Zimbabweans in-country.” "..........

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"Pirate Radio Thrives in Internet Age"

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