March 28, 2017 02:05PM
All I know about Crazy Roger is from Radio Confusion's write up in Popular Communications first issue in the early 1980s, in their Pirate's Den column that I read and re-read. Radio Confusion's studios looked awesome to me, simple, clean and pro, where my system was more homebrew, with taped together wires at the time.

My first real experience listening to a pirate was RNI's first broadcast week, 1987, first heard Sunday night on 1620 khz at my job. They were so pro that I wasn't even sure they were a pirate. They had it all together, you could hear them on portable radios, great production and sound quality.

What was Radio Confusion like, programming and style and all that, from those that heard? Anyone have tapes?

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a sad day for free radio

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Re: a sad day for free radio?

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Re: a sad day for free radio

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