December 18, 2016 12:22PM
Well, apparently I'd spoken too soon. The lower HF bands, and even MW, would be decent during the daylight, then when it got past Greyline, it would suck. With that newly built Windom, it's opened up 75M, 60M, and even 40M, back up to me. (The big difference was moving it way from the house about 60ft, thus get away from all its noises.) But anyway, I'd be listening on those 3 bands and even QSO'ing. Then about 5PM my time, those bands you'd think would flip to go long, but that doesn't seem to be happening. On 40M and 60M, stations just disappear. Yeah, I can hear WWV 5MHz, WBCQ 5130KHz, and 7490KHz, after dark, but I don't think that they're the strength potential that I'm use to seeing them, +S9 and up to like +S20/9. Just yesterday, I QSO'ed with 4 dudes on 60M from NW and Central PA that were all commercial radio personalities. That was neat, but had to hang it up just before dark since it got to the point that no one could hear each other. Oh!!! That Canadian ROC Winter Contest Was a really good test this weekend for this. I gave several points to stations in VE4, VE3, VE2, VE8, and VE9, areas. In day, those stations pounded in at +S9 and above on 40M. I was hitting then back barefoot with just 70W. Then about 5PM, they all disappeared from my RADAR. 75M / 80M was a little better, but not much, to VE3 and VE2 lands. Those storms over this weekend didn't help, and made 160M and the MW broadcast band impossible to DX. I'm not the only one noticing this. About every HAM in these lower bands were bitching about the same things, so I know it wasn't just me here. Even the 3810KHz WV Phone Net today is trying to change their time from 6PM to 5PM to try and make the difference, since what good is a state-wide net if you can't hear anyone? I duh-know, just some observations from my end. Weird.....
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Tis the season for AM DX'ing? The colder, the better, so it seems.

ThaDood 469 December 15, 2016 01:11PM

Re: Tis the season for AM DX'ing? The colder, the better, so it seems.

jtart 353 December 16, 2016 08:22PM

Re: Tis the season for AM DX'ing? The colder, the better, so it seems.

jtart 347 December 16, 2016 08:49PM

Re: Tis the season for AM DX'ing? Um, maybe not. Night DX seems to suck now.

ThaDood 366 December 18, 2016 12:22PM

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