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Another thought about SDR's whether portable, or base.

November 16, 2016 12:52AM
Ya know, I've checked out that site about the up and coming portable SDR the Titus II with some great curiosity and fascination, [titusradio.com] However, this thought has come to mind. One thing that is great about listening to analog radio is the fact that the potential listeners can listen to any station received anonymously, unless caught in the act, or if that listener just tells you so. With digital, it's an all new ball game here. Any SDR unit that's internet capable can easily store and upload what, whom, and when, you were listening and tuning around on it. The same sinario with having a cell / smart phone. Someone can tap into that to check your PIC's, VID's, turn on the mic, turn on the CCD camera, gather your phone numbers and website addresses, all without you knowing about it. With a net accessible SDR, wouldn't about the same thing be true? Now, who would want that? Well, in North Korea you can be put away for being suspected of just listening to BBC, VOA, HAM's, military communications, etc. Look at China. They severely limit what their citizens can surf and access on the web. And domestically? If the GOV isn't checking you out, major corporations would be, then flood you with spam later that's radio related, or broadcast show topic related. Just some passing thoughts here, but when you listen to a net accessible SDR, someone else maybe listening with you.
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Another thought about SDR's whether portable, or base.

ThaDood 428 November 16, 2016 12:52AM

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