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Re: What AM Revitalization?

November 05, 2015 01:52PM
AM revitalization? From the FCC? The FCC didn't make the mess that is now AM radio. AM station owners made it a mess. Cost-cutting, Bean-counting, Satellite-automation, lack of proper maintenance and programming shit that no one, and I do mean NO ONE wants to listen to for more than a passing moment. There will be no "AM revitalization" from the government (FCC). The only people that can save AM radio are the people who screwed it up. However, as pointed out by ThaDood, the deterioration of the band, the numerous stations that are going off the air, will open up a lot of band for some Part-15 operations.

The truly surprising part of all this is that there are dozens (maybe more) stations who have been off the air for more than a year while they search for a buyer. FCC rules say if its been off for a year, the license gets turned in and it becomes public property. But no one is policing the AM band and ensuring that regulation is followed. The FCC big-wigs are too busy hyperbolizing FM pirates and can't be bothered with making sure the stations that are on the air, follow the law. The are no priorities at the FCC. Its a ship without a rudder looking for a publicity opportunity but solving no real problems.

This downsizing of the FCC Field offices will be a boon for Shortwave Pirates but not for the FM folks. I would highly recommend familarizing yourself with the locations of the FCC HF Direction finding operations: FCC Direction finding locations If you are within a 200-miles of one of these locations you can pretty much be assured of a visit. However if you are way outside of these locations you can operate for some extended periods of time but not on a regular schedule.

AM revitalization will be a failure, just like AM stereo.
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