March 13, 2015 02:38PM
Yup, I think PJ Sparx shoulda gotten in the HOF for all the relays he did of studio pirates in the 90s, besides his great work with his own WREC programming. If it weren't for people like PJ and all the others that relayed my shows, my own stuff woulda been barely heard as I only transmitted a little over three years myself off and on but was not very good at it as I am not very skilled technically. My skills lie more in my twisted sense of humor and guessing my way through putting shows together so someone else might enjoy it. You other guys have the real talent, I'm just a potheaded twisted fookin' slohb who got lucky in pirate radio. Anyway I hope WREC gets in the HOF next time. I'd sure like to see that. WREC in 2016! PJ Sparx rules!

Captain Ganja

"Man am I fookin' ripped!"

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