May 31, 2014 07:04AM
Good food for thought John, a nice read. I can see why the FCC wouldn't want a citizen's brigade to look after the airwaves, it would make a mess of things.

I hope that Bob mended his ways, I thought that Monitoring Times was a pretty decent magazine. It seems to me that in the long run, the idea of citizen snitches and hobbyists telling on each other would create a climate of hyper vigilance and fear, not only hurting the scene itself, but looking bad to someone who might want to join the hobby and subscribe to magazines.

I've seen it in other services too, like CB radio when the channels were all full. People talked about organizing over rule breakers on the bands, but it was little more than gang talk and didn't amount to anything. There was even a movie called Citizen's Band (Handle With Care) with the lead playing a vigilante CBer.

In the Furry animal group, we have terrible fighting between sections that believe different things about how to be a Fur. It seems to amount to someone worrying about their neighbor's business too much and sticking their nose in, more than anything meaningful, or that there's a real problem.

I know that we all get attached to our scenes and feel part of them, but I think sometimes we have to step back, and let things happen as they will.


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