July 21, 2016 10:44AM
Well, last night, 7/21/2016, 04:00UTC, Sporadic "E" was still banging away on 11M CB. Hours earlier I did several 6M and 10M contacts to Texas. Just for the heck of it, at mignight my time, I tuned lower in FREQ. WWV was in there at 25MHz! And, I was still hearing that Colorado AUX station at 25.910MHz NBFM. Nothing heard on the 12M band and nothing heard on 15M, but coming on the WARC band of 17M, 18.165MHz USB, I heard this dude peak about an S5 from Oklahoma. To my surprise he was talking to a friend of mine, Rodney, that lives a dozen miles away from me, whom I haven't heard on 2M in over 3 month, so I broke in. This QSO was by accident. The dude in OK was QSO'ing with another dude on the West Coast. Rodney heard him, about an hour before I tuned in, and broke in. Turns out this was Rodney's very 1st 17M QSO, and at a time when it should not have been possible, midnight EST! (I guess that means that I was then his 2nd.) I was ready for bed, but when I heard this, and of whom was in there, I broke in, and we QSO'ed for a good 1/2 hour. That dude in OK faded out weak, but never lost him. He'd bounce back up to S5, and he said that Rodney was coming in the same as I was. It was getting to be about 1AM, so I signed and let them to continue to enjoy the moment. Then I tuned to WWV at 20MHz, and it was in there! Not since the 1990's do I remember hearing the 20MHz signal at 1AM. Then went back to 11M CB and signals were still in there on CH 6, CH 11, CH 26, a.k.a. the rappin' Superbowl channels. Now, back in the 1980's I've heard CB Sporadic "E" all night long once, but never heard it as low as 18MHz, and I didn't know "E" propagation was affecting FREQ's that low. Huh, who knew? Worth loosing some sleep over? Uh-huh!!!!
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Weird late night "E" propagation! At least a neat story.

ThaDood 453 July 21, 2016 10:44AM

Re: Weird late night "E" propagation! At least a neat story.

BramStoker 357 July 21, 2016 12:41PM

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